Soul work

Some days in recovery are hard.

Jobs vanish, money runs out, friendships end and people die.

This is life – and as addicts the mess and chaos of ordinary life can simply be too overwhelming.

We don’t have the emotional toolbox. Our brain chemistry is still healing from the years of abuse and self-harm. Our old coping strategies – which formed through an intense desire to run away into drugs or drink, new places, new relationships – are no good to us now.

We must simply sit and wait for the shit to hit. And then wait some more for the merde to disperse and the sun to shine again.

It’s really tough. Recovery is tough. Our mojos upped and left years ago – replaced by the artificial kind. How do we find the self-loving spirit inside us to get up and keep walking?

We need each other. We need our honesty – the honesty of addicts and alcoholics would blow your mind away. We need a sanctuary where the fragile awakenings of our old-new selves, our real, true hearts, can start to grow.

We need to connect.

So on the worst days, when the sun won’t shine, when the cravings feel overwhelming, when the loneliness and isolation creeps in, when our self-worth is on the floor – we need to breathe. We need to speak to a recovery friend. We need to walk in nature, go beach-combing for shells, sit in a quiet church, or listen to a piece of music which talks to our souls.

Because the worst times are an opportunity to truly connect into our soul work. To rekindle the passions that lie dormant within us; kick-starting our future by sinking into our present.

This way, the shit becomes the door to soul, jumpstarting our mojo and leading us into the life we were always meant to be living.

I read the sample and loved it. I'm so pleased I bought the whole book, it's a great read!