To All The Brave, Brilliant Women Rocking Recovery…

Yes, it is International Women’s Day. A day of solidarity, female feisty-ness and all round celebration of the beautiful, brilliant, brave women out there.

So today, I am shouting out to all the beautiful, brilliant, brave women who are walking the tough path of recovery.

I would like to dedicate the spirit of today’s celebration to my sobriety sisters across the globe.

Today is yours.

You are all miracles because recovery from addiction is a hard, hard journey.

I hope you have someone out there reminding you how tough it is and how courageous you are to put down your substance of choice and embrace the realities of life without the emotional crutches most people take for granted.

We, the women (and magnificent men) in recovery face the deitrus of modern life without that soothing glass of wine, without that smoke at the weekends, that line of cocaine or tranquilliser.

We have chosen to face everything head-on. And that is a raw, frightening, incredible place to be.

There is nowhere to hide and no balm to comfort, except in the fellowship of others who know what it is to woman-up and take on the world stone, cold sober.

So here’s to us. Today is ours. The future is ours, one day at a time.

Love Cathryn xxxx


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