Painkiller Addict – From Wreckage To Redemption

Cathryn Kemp

my true


BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour

Women and disability, painkiller addiction, pre-Raphaelites

The Independent

Jagged little pills

The Sun

I’m 38, successful, and addicted to a powerful painkiller

Daily Mail

First person: ‘Painkillers saved my life, then they almost killed me’


"I am lucky to be alive" JUST eight years ago Cathryn Kemp was a successful tabloid journalist and travel writer.

Hastings & St Leonards Observer

Author’s personal memoir on painkiller addiction
A great, real and honest account of how pain relief can turn anyone into a prescription chasing, doctor addict Junkie! Fentanyl, methadone, opiates all the same.