Painkiller Addict – From Wreckage To Redemption

Cathryn Kemp

my true
Searingly honest and courageous, an absolutely brilliantly written book about the descent into painkiller addiction that can so easily occur when someone is dealing with unbearable physical and emotional pain. A brave, heartfelt and extraordinary book.

Corinne Sweet
Author of Overcoming Addiction, psychologist and broadcaster
This is one of the best reads in a long time. The courage of Cathryn Kemp and her family and friends were remarkable. When we moan we can’t do this and that we should all remember what this lady has overcome. I wish her all the very best for the future, and I for one will check all drugs that are prescribed for me. Very well written and annoyed when sleep deprived me of the next page.

"CaptBob" via Amazon
Compelling and highly topical.

A very open account of a successful young woman’s decent into the physical, psychological and social torture which is addiction.
Whether the drug of choice is alcohol, painkillers or any other number of substances or behaviours, the patterns are all strikingly similar. The thing that struck me hard in this book is the shame, guilt and deceit that encircles the addict and is fed by the spiral of need...

A brilliantly written book...
It’s not only an inspirational addiction recovery story but also a deeply moving book about recovering from loss on many levels – health, love, independence, career, dignity, trust, optimism...
Cathryn’s story gripped me at gut level from page one.

Gael Lindenfield
UK’s leading self-help expert and author
Frankly written, Kemp's courageous memoir will help those dealing with an addict, or with addiction itself.

Big Issue
A great account which left me close to tears at the end. Cathryn obviously realises the delicacy of life and lives each day accordingly. Thank you Cathryn, and good luck for your future.

"Mark Uk" via Amazon
This story is heart breaking, brutally honest and very inspiring. I highly recommend it, it is so well written. Wow.

"Charlene" via Amazon
A great, real and honest account of how pain relief can turn anyone into a prescription chasing, doctor addict Junkie! Fentanyl, methadone, opiates all the same.

"Y. Hawkswood" via amazon
Looking at the cover, you might think Painkiller Addict is a self–help book for recovering addicts (and I've no doubt that Cathryn Kemp's insights and inspirational story are a beacon of hope for many), but I don't think that's what it is. It's a brilliantly well written memoir.

Reading this book is like reading any great story: it's not just an account, it's an experience. Surprisingly, it's not harrowing to read. The journalistic pace of Kemp's writing draws you into the story and keeps you reading – it's fascinating and impossible to put down.

I read the sample and loved it. I'm so pleased I bought the whole book, it's a great read!

"SL Bradbury" via amazon
A truly inspiring story. Reading about Cathryn's journey from successful journalist to bed–ridden addict – through no fault of her own – to recovery, you felt every feeling Cathryn was describing throughout the book. I feel the whole topic of 'painkiller addiction' is so complex and not understood by many people, and this book really helps people either suffering from addiction themselves to those dealing with an addict, to try to understand the complexity of it. When you hear the word 'addict' you automatically think of self–inflicted suffering. But in fact, as this book highlights, there are thousands of people struggling with painkiller addiction through no fault of their own. This book really uncovers that subject. Highly recommend.

R Brown
I bought this book after hearing the author on Woman's Hour. She is incredibly brave and her story is gripping, shocking and a real roller–coaster. Makes you count your blessings. And makes you think twice about reaching for a sleeping pill or strong painkiller.

J MacDonald
Just bought this book a few days ago on kindle. I couldn't put it down the writing is first class, as for the book 5 stars isn't enough. I have fibromyalgia and after reading what this young woman has gone through it has made me get off my bum and be thankful. A must buy for anyone.

Cindy Lomac