Painkiller Addict – From Wreckage To Redemption

Cathryn Kemp

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Cathryn Kemp

Biography – Author and Journalist

Inhabiting a person’s heart and mind is the single most intimate form of storytelling. As an award-winning memoir author and features journalist, I have been drawing out peoples’ stories and lives into must-read prose for two decades. It is a process of treading on sacred ground, where each step must be taken lightly in order to become a person’s story, rather than simply to record it. I am incredibly proud of the connection I build with my subjects, and am continually astonished by the detail people share with me in such profoundly honest ways. I have even communed with the dead in order to breathe life into old stories; by telling my grandmother’s story and how she triumphed over her struggles through extreme poverty and adversity to become a woman, like so many, who lived and loved in London’s East End. I have told the stories of many extraordinary women, from a surrogate who gave 15 women the chance to hold their own child in their arms, to a mother who watched her only daughter die from a heroin overdose. All are remarkable women who deserve to have their stories told. I even told my own story, in the memoir Painkiller Addict: From Wreckage To Redemption, which charted my descent into dependence on opiate medication after a severe, life-threatening illness.

With a keen journalistic eye for a cracking story, a proven empathetic manner and a sharp focus on the commercial market for memoir and feature-writing, I am a skilled and authentic ghost-writer.

‘We Ain’t Got No Drink, Pa’ Published by Orion, February 26, 2015

‘A Fish Supper and A Chippy Smile’ Published by Orion, June 2015

‘Painkiller Addict: From Wreckage To Redemption’ Published by Piatkus (an imprint of Little, Brown) September 2012

Contributor to the Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Sun, The Mirror, The Sunday Mirror, (News of the World), The Express, Red, Grazia, Closer, Bella, Best, Woman, Good Housekeeping, B, You Magazine

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